Polyaspartic flooring

Polyaspartic flake flooring

What is Polyaspartic flooring?

Polyaspartic is a coating and sealing product in the same category as epoxy. 100% solids polyaspartic coatings, sealers, and topcoats are low or zero VOC. The majority of polyaspartics are not 100% solids but are solvent-based. These can be dangerous to inhale, requiring the installers to wear  respirators. They are long-wearing and abrasion, scratch, chemical, UV and impact resistant.  Polyaspartics can be used as a complete flooring system as well as a top coat due faster drying time and high film builds allowing for a much faster return to service. Polyaspartics also resists stains and slightly higher temperatures than other epoxy coating.

Would this be suitable for my driveway?

Polyaspartic flooring is not suitable in situations where a breathable concrete sealer is specified. These applications include exterior stamped concrete patios or driveways. Polyaspartics are high-performance coatings designed for protection. They will not breathe and can exhibit moisture challenges over time if not used properly.

polyaspartic solid color floor
Polyaspartic top coated metallic floor

Polyaspartic or Epoxy?

  • Typically Epoxy floors can take a couple days to install.
  • Polyaspartic flooring can cure in a matter of hours saving on labor costs.
  • Polyaspartic coatings are UV stable and do not yellow as easily (although they will yellow slightly if exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.)
  • They are usually used as top coats over Epoxy coatings as a complete flooring system.

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