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BallistiX Squire is a silicon-ceramic treatment designed to provide maximum protection to tile, porcelain, terrazzo, stone, grout, and stained concrete, against staining, microbial growth, and fading due to UV exposure. It restores the surfaces to near original color and gloss and brings out the color in stone and grout. Its extreme hydrophobic nature exhibits an increased co-efficient of friction on the substrate it is applied to, making the coated surface not slippery when wet.

a top coat for any finish

Ballistix is available in two varieties in order to provide you with the finished look you want. 

Squire is a full gloss top coat providing an almost mirror like finish. This allows you to see all the amazing color variations in any metallic application on your countertop or floor. 

 NCO will give you a satin finish, should you prefer to tone the color effects down a little.

Metallic floor coated with Ballistix
Ballistix before and after

Ballistix can be applied to virtually any surface to not only protect it, but bring it back to life. It has the highest rating in the industry against slip. This makes it perfect for concrete pool decks. It is completely UV stable, as well. This makes it perfect for outdoor kitchen and bar applications. Furthermore, it is heat resistant up to 1200 degrees, so when you set a hot pan on your new countertop you can be assured it’ll do no damage

The creators of Ballistix top coat have been kind enough to provide us with these videos of slip tests. As you can see, you’ll be quite safe on this slip free surface

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